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Back to Reality

Read all the coverage of the parade…I would have loved to go, but I’m already reeling from the climate change and just the getting back to normal. We had to do laundry, grocery shop, and 100 other things.

The funny thing is that the minute the trip was over (i.e. this morning) I realized that my vacation planning obsession is over for yet another year or more. And I’d been kind of ignoring fall and Halloween because we were busy buying shorts and tshirts. Today we had to buy Halloween candy and costumes (ya, the day before Halloween is a great day to buy a costume. Uh huh.) and other fall stuff. We did get some GREAT costumes at Halloween Costume World in Fitchburg (have you been there? It ROCKS!) candy to give out, and the special candy for the 4 kids we trick-or-treat with (can’t be giving them Bit-O-Honey, now, can we?). Oh, and we’ve watched a trilogy of Halloween movies on the Disney Channel. Have you seen the Halloweentown movies? Probably too scary for tiny kids, but they’re actually really, really well done. We’ve gotten through two of them, and the third is on the Tivo. That certainly helped put us in a Halloween mood!