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A Berry Berry Good Sports Day

I know that technically the Sox game didn’t end until today, but it was yesterday’s game, so it counts in that column. The Pats get win #20 in a row, the Sox prevent a sweep (hey, the glass is half full, baby) and Junior’s soccer team actually pulled off a win! Can you believe it? I don’t know which of these games surprised me more, but I may have to go with Junior’s soccer team, although the way the Sox have been playing, I’m surprised they showed up. I’m not a fair weather fan, I’m just saying that the Red Sox can’t handle being the favorite in these things. They really do need to be the underdog. Oh, and yes, I am in a panic about tonight, because Pedro cannot handle pitching against the Yankees anymore. Thank the good Lord it’s not at Yankee Stadium, though, because that is the worst.

So I’m going to do what I’ve been doing the past few games and not watch. After last year, I felt ill the entire playoffs. The stress was killing me. I’m much less stressed when I don’t watch. I’m acutely aware of any bad plays by the rumblings from the living room, but I’ve found watching Daily Show reruns is good for my soul.