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I don’t have any pictures of me (yet) because my dad took them of me, and I took them of everyone else. So here are Mr. Dump and Junior, as a ghoulish guy (I need to find out what exactly he was calling himself) and a werewolf.

Much fun was had by all! (Except for one guy…see story below pictures)

Coming home down route 2 tonight this guy in an SUV was driving like a [fill in the blank] doing at least 80 or so, and we both commented on how the guy was driving, and I was just thinking “he’s probably drunk”. I was also thinking I’d be surprised if he made the corner in Harvard near the closed rest area but he did. A cop came flying behind us and we thought that maybe the SUV was being chased, but the cop pulled over someone else (which confused us). Then at the Shirley exit, there were two cops waiting on the side of the road, so we were thinking maybe there was a prison break or something. Another 1/3 mile down the road we see a cop in the median at the Lancaster exit….at the SUV we’d seen earlier smashed head-on into the guardrail as if he’d tried to take the exit and just never bothered to turn his wheel. I was horrified, and couldn’t understand why the cop was already there unless he was waiting for something else, like the ones at the Shirley exit. Maybe this guy was taking the exit, saw him there, panicked and tried to change his mind and go back on the highway instead of the exit. I hope this one is in the paper tomorrow because it was very confusing to see 4 cops in a 3 mile stretch of road (wait, 5 if you count the one that was going the other way with his lights on.) Only bad mark on the night, and luckily, it didn’t involve us.

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Happy Halloween!

What a wonderful day it is here in Leominster-land! It’s about 65 degrees out right now, the sun is shining, and by 8pm tonight I’ll have a bag of candy to steal from! What more could a gal ask for?

We picked up Mike the fish from the fishsitters, and he seems no worse for the wear. Thanks to C for taking good care of him.

I have a list of things to do a mile long, and I don’t think I’ll get to half of it. We have soccer at 1:30, and leave for my sister’s house for trick or treating around 4:30. Between now and then we should really deal with all the leaves in the yard, put away the furniture from the deck, transfer all the movies off the movie camera onto the computer and then onto disk to share with the other families, go through the photos and send the good ones to CVS to be printed, pick up the prints, finish Junior’s journal for school tomorrow…uh, ya, I don’t see this all happening today, do you? Add to that I need to re-wash part of the kitchen floor and the bathroom floor, and we want to swap our mattress for the one on the bed in the spare room. It might actually be easier to just start sleeping in the spare room, to tell you the truth.

Well, enough sitting here chatting with you guys, I’ve got chores to do!

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Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Joan: It’s a happy day here at the Daily Probe! We just love apple pie!

Apple Pie: Well golly! Thanks boatloads!

Joan: Whenever someone says to me, “What kind of pie?” I always tell ’em “Give me some American Pie!”

AP: Not to be confused with the Don McLean song, eh?

Joan: Pardon?

AP: Uh, the Don McLean song. It’s called American Pie.

Joan: Huh. Really? Hmmm. Maybe that’s why they never know what to bring me. Well anyway, you’re American Pie to me!

AP: I try.

Joan: Let’s get down to the core of the matter. Hee hee! I said core!

AP: That you did.

Joan: What kind of apples.

AP: You mean, which ones make the best pie?

Joan: Bingo. I’ve got a preference, but I defer to your expertise.

AP: Courtland. A real apple pie uses Courtland.

Joan: AHA! That’s what I say too!

AP: If you are going to use a Mac, you may as well use apple sauce cause that’s what you’ll end up with.

Joan: I hear you.

AP: And those fancy-pants gourmands who use granny smith apples are just showoffs. If you want a good, old-fashioned, just-like-grandma made apple pie, buy courtlands. Any other apples and don’t come running to me if someone turns you in to the office of Homeland Security.

Joan: That bad?

AP: This isn’t France. This is America. We put little toothpick flags on our desserts at Denny’s. We like our pie, and we want it made the way God intended.

Joan: Here here!

AP: [Starts to hum the Star Spangled Banner]

Joan: I don’t know about you, but all this patriotism has really made me hungry. Can you stay for lunch?

AP: I’d love to!

Joan: Great! I’ll go get a fork!

AP: Oh.

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Back to Reality

Read all the coverage of the parade…I would have loved to go, but I’m already reeling from the climate change and just the getting back to normal. We had to do laundry, grocery shop, and 100 other things.

The funny thing is that the minute the trip was over (i.e. this morning) I realized that my vacation planning obsession is over for yet another year or more. And I’d been kind of ignoring fall and Halloween because we were busy buying shorts and tshirts. Today we had to buy Halloween candy and costumes (ya, the day before Halloween is a great day to buy a costume. Uh huh.) and other fall stuff. We did get some GREAT costumes at Halloween Costume World in Fitchburg (have you been there? It ROCKS!) candy to give out, and the special candy for the 4 kids we trick-or-treat with (can’t be giving them Bit-O-Honey, now, can we?). Oh, and we’ve watched a trilogy of Halloween movies on the Disney Channel. Have you seen the Halloweentown movies? Probably too scary for tiny kids, but they’re actually really, really well done. We’ve gotten through two of them, and the third is on the Tivo. That certainly helped put us in a Halloween mood!