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Still Counting Down

Back in July I made a chart for the three kids counting down the days and weeks until we leave for Florida. Back then there were 13 long weeks to wade through. Now we’re down to less than 6, and it’s getting far enough past summer that I can actually start to pull together the clothes we’ll bring, because we won’t be wearing them any more this year. We wore shorts yesterday though, it was darned hot. But you only need to leave one pair out and available this time of year. By the time it’s warm enough again to wear them, they’ll have been washed and dried.

Besides, I can always pull them OUT of the suitcase. If, God willing, there’s another steamy Saturday good enough for swimming, I’ll know where the suits are. Otherwise, I need to start the move to our fall clothes, which means moving the summer things out of the drawers. Of course, a lot of my stuff I just leave in the closet all year, so it’s more like reorganizing it to put the fall stuff in a more prime location.

What was I talking about? Oh, Florida. I would respectfully request that Mother Nature take her bluster elsewhere for the rest of the hurricane season. We’ve been planning this for six months now, and I don’t want it ruined!