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Special Note to the Guy in the Box Truck

(The rest of you can probably skip this. I’m writing publicly to the guy driving the Oxygen truck. I assume the Oxygen was in tanks, but I couldn’t see through the walls of the box truck. It had one of those little diamond warning signs that said “Oxygen.” Okay.)

Dude. I don’t know if this was your first trip down route 117 through lovely Bolton center, but there’s a really good reason why the guy in the pickup truck behind you was sitting on his horn in the center of town. You see, the way it works at the blinking light is the people on 117 let those waiting at the intersection in, almost at a one-for-one ratio. It’s amazingly polite. Sometimes it’s 1 car in for every 2 or 3 on 117, but you get the idea. They don’t wait there very long before someone lets them merge in. It’s like this every single morning, and has been since the first time this route was my commute, back in 1988.

You stopped to let at least 10 cars out in front of you. What the hell was wrong with you? After the 4th or 5th car, when the guy behind you beeped, did you decide you’d “show him” by letting everyone else out too? Don’t you think letting 10 people out in front of you is excessive under any circumstances? I do. You have the full right of way on that road, and by sitting there like you were broken down, you made things worse further back for people on 117. We need flow. The normal process is that you let someone out in front of you while you continue in a forward motion…nobody actually stops. You stopped.

Don’t do it again, or I won’t be responsible if the guy turning purple behind you gets out of his truck to “talk” to you about the situation.