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Perfect Attendance Award

There will be no perfect attendance award for little Junior Dump this year. Actually, I would be completely shocked if he ever got one, just because he’s prone to getting strep throat. That and the fact that he’s going to miss 6 days of school while we are in Florida next month. Junior had a 101 fever last night, so that meant no school today. I stayed with him this morning until after I got some gruel in him, and then filled his backpack with toys for grandma’s house. Thank God for grandma, that’s all I have to say. I’ve got 5 different meetings today, so staying home with a sick child just didn’t fit my schedule. Go ahead, tell me what a bad mom I am. I know better.

Of course, ME getting sick with the same thing also will not fit in my schedule. I’m searching for Vitamin C even as we speak.