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Month: September, 2004

Leominster Across the Universe

My brother-in-law sent Mr. Dump an e-mail this morning that said “the PlastiVan is coming! The PlastiVan is coming!” We, of course, didn’t know what the hell he was yelling about. Turns out the National Plastics Center & Museum, housed right here in lovely Leominster, has a PlastiVan that “travels throughout the United States, teaching students, educators and the public about the chemistry, history, processing and environmental issues involved with plastics.”

And it’s coming to his town (well, where he works), from our town! And it was important enough that he got the notice via the company (Fortune 50) intranet! Small world…


Eye Eye, Captain!

I finally remembered to make an appointment for an eye exam. Geez, you’d think it would be easy to remember, I drive by their new office at least once per day.

I needed to get the appointment in before we go on vacation next month, because I need new prescription sunglasses. I suddenly realized it’s been a long while since my last eye exam when the woman making the appointment asked if I still had Tufts insurance. I can’t even remember exactly when I was on Tufts. I think maybe I was on it when I was pregnant, so that’s 7 years ago.

I just remembered that the day our Jetta got rear-ended at the Burlington Mall we were coming home from picking up my new glasses – these are the glasses that I’m trying to replace. Junior was just a baby, and it was summer, so these damned things are 6 years old. I may have had an exam since then, and just not had my prescription change. But there is a chance I haven’t been in that many years. Bad, bad Jody!


What Day Is It?

I’m sorry, I’m all messed up. I should have spent all day writing lots of lovely entries for you, My People. But no, I didn’t.

My car is in the garage with a transmission problem and for two days I had to work at home. Can I brag for a minute that I didn’t turn the TV on ONCE, the whole two days? Not once. Not even tempted. I love that.

Of course, maybe I missed something good. Did I? I heard Dan Rather looked like a dope in his interview, but was that last night or today? Oh well, I’m sure I can catch up on that later.

The car is still in the garage, but I’ve arranged for a ride to and from work tomorrow, and God willing, it will be done by the time I get home. Because as much as I enjoy working at home, I really do need to get into the office for meetings the rest of the week.


Another Loss

You can count that as a reference to the Red Sox (let’s not go there, m’kay?) or Junior’s soccer game today.

We have to do some work with him. He’s a bit too timid, and he’s got some running issues. As in, he doesn’t, and when he tries to, he doesn’t do it very well. I’d say more, but he is my son and I don’t want to scar him but having the world know about his inability to run like a normal human, but I will point out that if Tom Hanks was his coach, today he might have said “there’s no skipping in soccer!”


New Interview Posted

Ah, a new week a new interview. This week, I interview

This is the place for good, clean writing!


Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash

DP: Thank you Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash, for taking the time to talk with us today.

Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash: No Problem. Call me DCAFHW.

DP: Thanks, DCAFHW. It says here in your bio that you were always an overachiever, even back when you were young.

DCAFHW: The facts don’t lie.

DP: Well, I don’t know if they’re actually facts

DCAFHW: Well then you’d be wrong! Think about it: With regular liquid soap you waste most of it. You goop on too much and it takes 5 minutes of running water to wash it all off. I wanted to be better than that from minute one. And I am.

DP: Okay.

DCAFHW: With me, you’re in, you’re out, boom. And I smell better — not perfumy.

DP: That *is* true. You do smell nice. But is that enough?

DCAFHW: Didn’t you hear what I said about the other liquid soaps coating your hands? ‘Nuff said.

DP: You really think you’re better than other soaps, don’t you?

DCAFHW: I don’t hear the ladies complaining when I’m done and they’re bacteria-free.

DP: Gosh, I’m blushing here. Any last words for the readers?

DCAFHW: A clean hand is a happy hand. Buy me by the case.


80% Chance of Rain

The Johnny Appleseed Festival is tomorrow. Junior has invitations to march in the parade from two different groups. But the weather report looks ugly for tomorrow – they’re saying there’s an 80% chance of rain. I’m thinking it will probably rain, which means no festival. And none of the other things we could do on a fall Saturday, including apple picking, or whathaveyou. I adore living in New England in the fall. The sensory overload one experiences cannot be accurately described to people who don’t get to experience fall foliage, apple orchards and harvest festivals. Never picked your own pumpkin out in the field? That’s a damned shame. It’s fun, and it also reminds the kids that the pumpkins didn’t just appear out of nowhere in a bin at the store. Plus when you step on the vines they make a squeaky popping noise.

As for apples, the new owners of Marshall Farm in Fitchburg have done an amazing job of adding on the little cafe to the old barn, with the outdoor porch for sipping coffee and looking out at the amazing view. Unfortunately, they’ve gotten rid of a lot of the old orchards since last year. There’s a [dirt] parking lot that used to be the grassy area where they’d do drop-offs and pickups for the fire engine rides. The orchards on the other side of the street have been removed to make a bigger area for the petting zoo (I think…it wasn’t done when we were there.) You can still pick your own, it’s just in a smaller orchard. But they did build more permanent BBQ pits, so you can make a full day of it. I’m glad they kept that aspect of the farm. It really is a great place to go on fall weekends.

We all knew when the Jay Marshall died, most of us who had grown to love the farm feared for the worst, so I am beyond pleased that the new owners worked to make what they had thrive, instead of selling off all the land for condos. The farm was established in 1786, so it’s not a fly-by-night place. 9 generations of Marshalls ran the farm. A type of apple discovered one year turned out to be unique and is thus trademarked as the “Marshall Macintosh” and they are now grown in other orchards in the US.

What’s my point? Well, maybe it’s just a reminder to not miss all the cool stuff fall offers. From what I’ve seen of the trees that have already started turning, this year should be AMAZING for foliage. Yea fall!


Somebody Hates Florida

Okay, so hurricane #4 is fired up and ready to head to Florida. Does this mean they’ve hit their quota for the next couple of years?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Weather is scary.



So I’m driving behind a dumptruck and it’s got the following notice on the back: “not responsible for broken windshields”.

Uh, and if you don’t secure your load and something flies off and breaks my windshield, that’s MY fault? I don’t think so, Mr. J P Noonan.


Can You Take The Signs Down Now?

Thank God the primaries are over. I am SO SICK of looking at hundreds of political signs. Seriously, I’m at the point where I’d vote for the person with the LEAST number of signs.

Special note to Claire Freda, who had a jumbo-tron sign parked on North Main Street near the Fitchburg line: I wouldn’t break the word “Knowledge” apart onto two lines. Find another word, if you don’t have room. Because the fact that you “know ledge” isn’t going to make me vote for you.

Ms. Freda also was disappointed at her loss because she thought people would “look more at my background.” I don’t know about everyone else, but that’s exactly why I voted for someone else. She may have Ward 3 in her back pocket, but I’m glad to see the rest of the city doesn’t approve of her nonsense. (Hey, wait, maybe she won Ward 3 because her constituents where hoping she’d win so she’d have to give up her city council seat. Hmmm.)