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New Interview Available For Your Viewing Pleasure

Hey, kids! The Daily Probe published another of my interviews. Chris has actually renamed the feature to “Still Life with Joan,” (Joan being the name I chose for the person who supposedly writes these things). That means I may remove the DP: references in the interviews themselves, because he’s going to change them to say “Joan:” and I don’t think that will work here. Anyway, it’s up and posted for you! Don’t you tell me that I don’t love you!

(Also, if any of you are switching over to the beta design for, you can add rss feeds to it, so that any time I update this site, the headline will appear in just like the headlines from AP, etc. Really, it’s cool, and I’ve already added a couple of my regular haunts to my own Yahoo. And someday maybe Natalie over at Pickle Juice will get off her butt and make an rss feed.)