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I’ll Have the Big Yoghurt, Please

I think I spelled that right. The spell checker will tell me if I didn’t. Thank God for spellchecking. I need to get the person who invented it a Christmas present this year. Or at least send a card.

So on the way to work, as my mind is wondering because WXLO is playing the same songs for the 400th time, I realize that I’m not taking in as much calcium as I should be, especially given my age. That I will not mention. So when I went to get my coffee in the cafeteria this morning, I got one of their yoghurt parfait thingies. It’s a giant strawberry yoghurt mixed with granola and raisins. It’s actually quite yummy but my goodness, who can eat this much yoghurt in one sitting?

I know granola isn’t exactly good for you, but darned if it isn’t tasty!