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How To Destroy Something in 10 Minutes

Got my upgrade/replacement Sidekick II yesterday. She’s very very nice. It didn’t come with a little wrist strap like the old one, so I removed the old wrist strap and attempted to attach it at the appropriate place on the new one. And proceeded to scratch and destroy the casing around the place where a strap would attach. And then it turned out to not fit right, so I did more damage getting it off.

There’s nothing I like better than mangling something less than 24 hours after I have it.

Now I get to make angry eyes at T-Mobile for not providing a damned wrist strap. Because without one, it’s only a matter of time before I fling it on the floor. Mr. Dump looked at the old one, which I now have to ship back, and said “Wow, you really abused this thing.” Not on purpose. But the paint was chipping and I’d actually worn the letters off some of the buttons and the menu button was kind of sticky. Yes, I use it all day, every day. I am afraid This one is due for the same type of wear and tear.

I will also take a picture with the camera and share it with you. Interestingly, the one I just mailed to myself looked WAY better on the cameras screen than it did on my computer. Huh.

Okay, here it is one for you. I didn’t adjust the color or brightness.