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Eye Eye, Captain!

I finally remembered to make an appointment for an eye exam. Geez, you’d think it would be easy to remember, I drive by their new office at least once per day.

I needed to get the appointment in before we go on vacation next month, because I need new prescription sunglasses. I suddenly realized it’s been a long while since my last eye exam when the woman making the appointment asked if I still had Tufts insurance. I can’t even remember exactly when I was on Tufts. I think maybe I was on it when I was pregnant, so that’s 7 years ago.

I just remembered that the day our Jetta got rear-ended at the Burlington Mall we were coming home from picking up my new glasses – these are the glasses that I’m trying to replace. Junior was just a baby, and it was summer, so these damned things are 6 years old. I may have had an exam since then, and just not had my prescription change. But there is a chance I haven’t been in that many years. Bad, bad Jody!