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Can You Take The Signs Down Now?

Thank God the primaries are over. I am SO SICK of looking at hundreds of political signs. Seriously, I’m at the point where I’d vote for the person with the LEAST number of signs.

Special note to Claire Freda, who had a jumbo-tron sign parked on North Main Street near the Fitchburg line: I wouldn’t break the word “Knowledge” apart onto two lines. Find another word, if you don’t have room. Because the fact that you “know ledge” isn’t going to make me vote for you.

Ms. Freda also was disappointed at her loss because she thought people would “look more at my background.” I don’t know about everyone else, but that’s exactly why I voted for someone else. She may have Ward 3 in her back pocket, but I’m glad to see the rest of the city doesn’t approve of her nonsense. (Hey, wait, maybe she won Ward 3 because her constituents where hoping she’d win so she’d have to give up her city council seat. Hmmm.)