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Avert Your Eyes

Not getting overtly political here, but I am providing a link to a site that is, because I got a little ruffled yesterday when I heard some of the claims as to why the Bush memos must be forgeries. Regardless of how I feel about the candidates, to have all the popular press immediately jump on the “it’s not real” story of some bloggers simply because they lined up a Word document with a printed PDF is slopping and irresponsible. You can’t tell ANYTHING by doing that. A PDF isn’t a photograph, for goodness’ sake.

Apparently, the “experts” who said Times New Roman didn’t exist on typewriters back in the 60s and 70s had never actually used an IBM typewriter. Idiots. Besides, the font used in the memo isn’t Times New Roman.

But this is good reading, so here’s the link, talking about how yes, it was possible to do superscript without a computer. I mean, imagine being able to accomplish anything without a computer? Oh, and don’t forget to skim the comments section. Lots of good stuff there.