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Why Yes, That’s Mine!

I got #4 on yesterday’s Top Five list . I love making the list. Lately, whenever I get off my lazy butt and submit, 90% of the time I actually make it to the big list (i.e. Not the runner’s up or honorable mentions). Do you think that would incent me to contribute more often? No. But I am trying to be better. I’m also trying to be better about contributing to the Probe. What is it about this time of year that gets my ink flowing? Do I miss going back to school? I don’t think so. I do miss sitting in the back of the room and writing poetry instead of taking notes. You just can’t do that in a staff meeting. Not that I’ve tried, but when it’s 6 of you sitting around a little table, someone might notice.

So go sign up for your own subscription. If you get the paid one (c’mon, I know you have the money) you’ll get a new list every weekday, and you’ll get to see when I make the runner up list. If you do subscribe, tell Chris Jody sent you. It’s always good to suck up to the boss.)