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Month: August, 2004

He’s Out!

Wanted to post an update for the bird lovers out there. Junior and I successfully got Woody out of the house. And I am happy to say that while I was in the driveway scrubbing down the spark-guard-thingy, I thought I could hear a woodpecker over in the woods. That made me feel very happy, by the way. Before we were able to let him out I did put some grapes in the fireplace for him.

If someone knows woodpeckers, there was a slash of red on the back of his head, his wings were spotted, and the underside of his tail was bright yellow. Like I said earlier, he was just beautiful. And huge. I suspect that he was too big to actually fly straight up in as small a space as the chimney flue. Poor guy.

And poor me. Teach me to leave some ashes in the fireplace…do you know what beating wings do to ashes?


Go Away Bird!

Oh crap, there was/is a bird in the chimney and it can’t seem to fly UP the chimney, and at one point it ended up in the bottom of the fireplace flying against the spark guard thingy. We were trying to catch it in a butterfly net without letting it into the main house, but that wasn’t working very well, mostly because this was a pretty big bird. We think a woodpecker.

Of course, it’s Sunday, so we’re having a hard time reaching anyone to help us out. This totally stinks. (p.s. Figuratively and literally.)


Sunrise, Sunset

Man, we had a couple of days of reaaaaly bad storms. Last night we were rewarded with a drop in humidy and an amazing sunset. Here’s one of the shots I got:


New Featured Page!

As a service to my readers (and other people who aren’t my readers but could be if they would just type my URL into their browser’s address field. Sheesh.) I have created a new page where all the “Still Life With Interview” pieces from the Daily Probe will live. The link is over in the right menu. Tell all your friends!


Interview With A Lime

I have another interview over at the Daily Probe. Just as a heads-up, I am working on creating a new page here at the Dump to feature all the ones I write. Until I get that done, you can read the new one at the Probe.


New CompactFlash is Here!

How silly is it to get excited over something like a new CompactFlash card? I ordered two off Amazon last week…one of them was $163 OFF the list price (it’s a high-speed 512meg card) and the other is a $10 after rebate (a 128meg card). Don’t do the math, you can’t just say “why not get 4 of the 128meg cards”. It’s not the same, when you’re talking about not wanting to swap out cards in the middle of something. Plus high speed is good. I don’t know that I’d buy a 512 regular speed card. The rate between photos would be slower, and I believe it’s also a drain on the batteries.

Anyway, now I have a decent selection of cards, including two useless 8meg cards that we bought like, 8 years ago when we got our first digital camera. I can save about seven pictures on them.


A Pint of My Finest

I was able to capture my blood donating thoughts in my journal last night, and now I can share them with you all.

Well, I made it through the day and successfully donated blood. I was actually nervous this time just because I knew more since last time. Everything went well, even if the whole thing is a huge time suck. I guess no matter how many times you donate you have to fill out the exact same paperwork. If I have never lived more than three months outside the US the last time donated, and it hasn’t been three months since then, can we maybe assume I’m clean? I guess I could have taken up sleeping with a gay male prostitute intravenous drug-using hemophiliac with SARS but, well, what are the odds, really.

They had a ton of people donating. I had to wait my turn to even have the initial screening stuff done. Two of us went over to the tables at the same time, and whether he knew it or not, I was racing him to see which one of us would finish filling our bags first. I won – I don’t know if he had issues donating, but when he went over to the snack table he started to feel woozy so they made him go lie down and put cold compresses on his forehead, etc. Poor guy. He didn’t stand a chance against me.

I didn’t write that up on the computer last night because I was too tired. I blamed that on being down a pint combined with my dinner of American cheese slices. Cause it was late when I got home and I didn’t want to stand at the stove or anything. And nobody would run to UNOs to get me a fish sandwich (have you HAD one of these? I’m addicted). I had a few crackers too. And water. Lots of water.

I wonder what kind of hits I’m going to get based on that sentence up there. You know the one.



DP: Lime, welcome to the Daily Probe.

LIME: You make one feel most welcome.

DP: Well, you are one of our favorite citrus fruits.

LIME: One of?

DP: Well, okay, our favorite. No, really.

LIME: It’s okay, I’m not bitter. Well, I am, but you know what I mean. Now there’s a very good reason I come first in the word “limon” as it refers to Sprite.

DP: Is it because the other option would be, uh, “leme”?

LIME: Ah, humor. Yes. Leme. That’s exactly it.

DP: Moving on, are there areas where you are hands-down better than, say, lemons?

LIME: I did want to mention that the lime-flavored Poland Spring sparkling spring water is without a doubt the best. The lemon-flavored has an aftertaste reminiscent of furniture polish. It’s embarrassing to sit next to that crap on the shelf.

DP: That’s no good. I’m not big for ingesting furniture polish, but I can see your point.

LIME: And Corona beer. We must remember the Corona.

DP: But you forgot the most important thing…

LIME: Which is what? Key lime pies? No meringue involved, is there? Much easier to make.

DP: No, not pie. Margaritas. Big beautiful glasses of top shelf margaritas. Rim slightly salted.

LIME: You’re drooling.

DP: It’s been a long day.

LIME: Well, as long as you like limes more than grapefruit, my job here is done.

DP: Grapefruit? They’ve got nothing. Well, they have Fresca, but who the hell drinks that?

LIME: Exactly. And I’m just trying to pass along the word that limes are the Next Big Thing.

DP: As soon as we wrap this up, I’m going to buy some. I swear.

LIME: That’s all I can ask.

DP: Thank you, Lime.


Olympics Thoughts

I enjoy the oddball sports, I have to admit it. The first thing I did was look up when synchronized swimming happens, because there’s nothing better for greasing the comedy wheels than a good synchronized swimming final. (That’s the 22rd-26th, I think. I’ll let you know when it’s closer.

I did watch synchronized diving too. Hell, anything synchronized has to be good, right? On one of my mailing lists we were having the “where do they think up these events” conversations, and my thought is that the people at the highest levels in these areas (is there a World Diving Commission?) try to come up with another way to get more coverage at the Olympics, by having more events. More events means more people can become involved in the sport.

But as one person pointed out, did any little kid every have a pickup game of synchronized diving? No. He feels that Olympic events should only be things that little kids do for fun when left to their own devices. Basketball, soccer, swim races, running races, etc. Anything that isn’t subjective in judging. You either came in first or you didn’t. Anything that the average person could judge from their living room. Not whether or not a diver reached a full extension, or if a gymnast did enough dance in her floor routine, but which guy threw the shot put the furthest. It’s the difference between speed skating and ice dancing, you know?

I like this idea. It will never happen, but I like it.


HRH Princess Jody of Dumptruckia

In my on-going effort to pink-ify myself, I am sporting the latest in fashion for the pre-school set – a ponytail holder that has sparkley little flower-shaped beads flowing off it. My 4-year-old niece and I picked them out at Target last week, but I forgot to leave them at her house. So I’m wearing one today. Because I can.

So far nobody has said anything to me. I think I’m relieved.