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I’m Mayo’d Again

I forgot to mention yesterday that when I got home from work (late) Thursday evening, I had two surprises waiting for me.

(1) The neighbor’s cat had taken a dump on my back stairs. The stairs we use. The stairs that heretofore had been catpoop-free. I was not happy.

So I went inside the house to get the jug of bleach and discovered that (2) Junior had left one of the fridge drawers slightly open when he grabbed a juicebox that morning, meaning the door had been propped open all day. Meaning I had to basically dump everything out of the refridgerator.

I just got back from grocery shopping, spent 127.26 buying my normal stuff, plus replacing everything that was in the fridge. I didn’t want to take chances with anything that was open, and I know some people leave certain condiments out for long periods of time, but I decided it wasn’t worth it, so I was even replacing things like ketchup, the little jar of minced garlic, the packages of cheese, half and half, eggs, etc. etc. etc.

I hate when that happens.