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Hello Kitty!

Here’s what’s on my mind today.


No wait, here are the items.

1. I don’t know where my sunglasses are. Did I leave them at my sister’s house? I’ll have to follow up. Luckily, it’s dreary out, so I didn’t need them. Maybe this is the heads-up I need to make an eye appointment anyway. Those sunglasses (prescription) are totally trashed, and a couple of years old. It’s time for new ones.

2. I’ve never had a gas station attendant make a comment about how empty my gas tank was before. Today, I went to the place next to the Bagel Inn, where you pump first, and when I went to pay he said “Wow, you were really empty. That car holds what, 16, 16.5 gallons?” I suppose so, I never actually checked to figure that out. I was driving with the little gas light on, if that’s any indication. But I was just thrown that he’d say anything about how much gas I’d crammed into my tank. Now I’m all self-conscious.

3. Today was the day to bring in the backpacks for the underprivileged kids. We were given a specific child (we only had first name, age, sex, sizes) and told to get them a backpack, school supplies, and clothes, etc. I had a 7-year-old girl, and I got her this awesome Hello Kitty backpack that came with a purse. We got most of our school supplies at Staples (of course) but at Target the other day I found the world’s most wonderful Hello Kitty notebook that had pink lined paper in it, so I had to buy it to go with the backpack. Then the only issue was carrying it in to work today; how many people saw me and thought it was my backpack?