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End of Summer

I know that technically summer doesn’t end until next week, when when working Americans celebrate having jobs by not going to them. Or something like that. But Junior takes the bus to first grade Wednesday morning, so this weekend is the last one before the REAL marker of time, the first day of school.

We had our last campout at my sister’s house Friday night. It was hot and sticky out, and the mosquitoes had a field day. It was also a very destructive campout, and I wonder if maybe they’ll think better of doing it again next year. Items that were destroyed: a piece of their sprinkler system when the neighbor drove a tent stake through the hose/tubing. We didn’t know until the next morning when he pulled it out and the water started flowing a la Jed Clampett discovering oil. And then part of my air mattress got caught in my truck latch and was destroyed. And someone backed into (slightly, no damage) Mr. Dump’s car. You know, typical Friday night/Saturday morning.

Nature held off on the gross weather until this weekend, so we didn’t go up to Canobe Lake Park, as I was originally thinking. I just hate doing that when there’s really no place to go to get out of the heat the way there is down at Disney. Plus, there’s no way Mr. Dump would have gone with us on a day like this. So it was low key, I did some cleaning, Junior and I took his RC car out for a walk around the neighborhood. It’s ghostly quiet out there. I expected to see more people, or at least hear them. There are three in-ground pools within 6 houses of us, and as far as I could tell, at least two of them weren’t being used (I couldn’t see through the fence of the third, but I wasn’t really hearing normal pool sounds). Where the hell is everyone? Am I missing something? Is there a parade? Free ice cream somewhere? What?!

We picked six strawberries from our five plants today. I’m not very good about taking care of them, or even checking output, so when we do it’s a special treat. I think I’ll plant more next year, just because Junior loves strawberries all of a sudden, so I haven’t gotten to eat many of them.

So anyway, that’s why I have time to write to you, because it’s too hot to do anything outside, and I don’t feel like cleaning the bathroom. Can you blame me?