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Checking Up On The Neighbors

I went to the sex offender registry, which is now able to give details (name and address) about level 3 offenders. It’s scary to sit there and wait for the search results, hoping against hope that the closest offender is nowhere near your neighborhood. I feel pretty safe where I live, but who’s to say what the neighbors have been up to? (Oh man, is this website ever slow. The headlines in the Telegram point out that the servers have been getting HAMMERED with people looking up their towns.)

I’m more nervous about my mom’s neighborhood. It’s never been the best place to live, and the apartment complex at the far end of the street isn’t the most desireable place to live. Some poor woman was shot and killed by her freaky neighbor about a year ago. I’d be thrilled to find out there aren’t any in the neighborhood, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there were. It’s certainly not the way it was when I grew up there.

Huh. We only have two that live in Leominster, and 3 that work here. And they don’t live anywhere near me or my mom! Whew! I’m feeling a lot better all of a sudden.