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A Little of This, A Little of That

It’s just one of those days.

  • Lileks has a great piece today on parenthood. All of it completely true. I laughed out loud when he said he went to the web to find the rules for checkers, because I did the same thing when Junior and I first played. And I’ve since forgotten the king rule, so if we played again today, I’d have to look it up. That and the spidey-sense thing and the having to lie about not being sad? Well, the last one actually brought a lump to my throat because been there done that. And he’s so right…you have to lie because your heart breaks into 20 million pieces but you can’t show it because you want the child to be happy to be broadening his horizons. Okay, enough weepy talk about kids until after the first day of school next week. I promise. Maybe.
  • At work we have a default intranet home page and one of the little bricklets you can add is the weather forecast. Today I looked and the picture for Saturday is the word “HOT” with wavy lines behind it. It’s the last Saturday of the summer, for all intents and purposes, and this is the first time they’ve used that icon since last summer. Unreal.
  • As a follow-up to the Leominster School Department thing, I wrote a note to the superintendent of schools, and got an amazing reply back. Based on this reply and my belief that she will actually do the things she says, I will increase their grade to a B. And maybe my note venting my frustrations will benefit some other 1st grade parent next summer.
  • Why is it that I can drink gallons of the filtered water at work (with ice, natch) and never ever get that “oh my God, I drank too much water” feeling that I get if I drink that much at home? Same with restaurants. Is it the ice?
  • I returned something at Circuit City last night, and ended up spending almost the same amount on new stuff. But this new stuff is worth every penny. I got 5 compilation CDs of 80s music, almost no repeats on any of them, and the average price per CD was about 6 bucks. That’s my new measure. At 99 cents a track, is it cheaper to buy the CD (or songs) on iTunes? In this case, no way. While there are a couple of throw-aways in the bunch that I’d NEVER buy on iTunes (We Built This City? Uh, no thanks), there were enough on each that I got WAY more than the 7 per CD that would have made iTunes a better deal. So next time you’re at that store, try browsing the compilations. There are some VERY good deals out there.