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To and From

I got to and from work today with little or no problem. I mean, traffic was a bit heavy, but lately it’s been like that daily anyway.

So I’m at work, happy as a clam (oh, can you just feeeeel the joy?) thinking to myself “thank the Good Lord I don’t go in or out of Boston on a daily basis.”

In other news, the rear passenger window on The Vehicle bought the farm last night. That’ll teach me to put it down. That window has been a problem for over a year now. I had the front one fixed, but not the rear, and it slowly got worse and worse. I will also point out that in the winter, the front driver’s side window often needs me to help it along, usually by pulling up on it with all my strength. But the back one died last night, and I was forced to work out some electrical tape-shopping bag combo to plug the hole up. Rain is expected tomorrow, you see, and I’d rather not end up with a back seat full of mold.

Cross your fingers that it’s easy and cheap to fix. I’m not thrilled that this is the 2nd time I’ve had to pay to fix one of the windows on this thing.