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Still Planning

You’ll have to forgive my obsession with Disney right now, but I’m so ready to be there that I’m not letting little things like the trip being three months away deter me from planning and just constantly thinking about it.

Today’s thoughts are about Universal Studios. I think Junior would get a real kick out of going to Universal to see all the Nickelodeon stuff that he regularly sees on television. If they are in production, he might actually see sets and/or a show. That would be too cool. On the other hand, the Studios is a different “park” than Islands of Adventure, and both have their own tickets, and I just don’t think we have the time or money to do both. Would he like Islands of Adventure? I’m sure of it. I know my brother-in-law is all over the whole Spider-Man thing. IOA has a big Marvel Comics section.

So, those of you who’ve been, thoughts?