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Searching My Site?

I added a Google search box over on the right to make it easier to search the Dump archives. Or, if you love me, you’ll notice what section I put the search box in, and perhaps use it whenever you need to look for something?

I did a random search and came up with an oldie but goodie issue of the Dump. Here’s my favorite part:

Product Idea

I came up with the name for a new Victoria’s Secret product. If any of you readers work for VS, could you tell me who do call with my idea? I call it “Bunderwear.” The opposite of a thong, it actually covers your cheeks. I personally think it may be the next big thing.

Or maybe Bunderwear could be a new offering by the Cinnabun people. “I’ll take two frosted, a large cola, and oh, a pair of size 5 bunderwear.” Can’t you see it? I mean, how lovely for Valentine’s day! Dang, I really should have updated the Dump last month.

Either that or I’m really overtired. That would explain a LOT of things.