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Planning, Always Planning

We’re going on a Grand Gathering vacation [editor’s note: At Walt Disney World] this fall with my sister’s family and my parents. I’m beyond excited about the whole thing, as it’s the first time since my honeymoon that I’m actually spending a week down there. Every other time we’ve gone in recent memory it’s been a long weekend or a short week (5 days) and I always feel so rushed. I reach the point where I don’t do some things I want to do because of some other things. And you feel like you’re wasting time if you just take an hour to relax by the pool.

Anyway, the reservations have been made for a while now, and we recently bought the plane tickets. This week’s focus is on deciding if there are any “must visit” restaurants so we can arrange priority seating. With 9 people in the group, I don’t want to leave it for the last minute, even if we are going during a slightly slower time of year.