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Month: July, 2004

More DNC Comments

You can’t swing a dead cat (or a live one, come to think of it) without finding a Boston blogger talking about the DNC. I’m going to talk about it anyway, in case the Boston Globe finds my site, sees how brilliant I am, and offers me a contract to write columns for them. Cause I would.

Yesterday, Mr. Crunchy posted a comment about the trash barrels being removed for our safety and protection.

Call me silly, but if trash cans are good bomb hiding places, wouldn’t someone have already done that? Just because the DNC is in town, would any more people be killed or hurt than on any OTHER day in town? Seems stupid to me, and not only that, because people still require a place to dispose of their coffee cups and newspapers, they are using the empty holders and trash is blowing all over the city. That makes a nice impression, doesn’t it?

The paranoia is amazing, but what makes it insulting to boot is that we didn’t bother taking these measures for the ordinary humans who spend every day working and living in Boston. If it’s so high-risk, why wait until now to make these changes? Is the head librarian from Cleveland who is part of the Ohio delegation that much more important than any one of the thousands of people who visit Boston or the Fleet center, or ride the subways with bags and boxes any other day of the week or year? Will democracy cave in if a bomb detonates at the Fleet Center next week? I doubt it. It would be a horrible, horrible thing, but not any more horrible than it detonating during a Bruins game, or an RV show. Politicians are not more important than the rest of us. They are supposed to BE the rest of us. So why aren’t we being “protected” as much as they are? Are they not replaceable? We do it all the time – every November some politician somewhere is being replaced.

Sorry, didn’t mean to go off on that, but reading about people being forced to take a week off without pay so the DNC folk can frolic at Fenway, have concerts, and go through the motions of picking John Kerry (over, huh, is there anyone else up for the position?) sickens me.

They say having the convention in your city brings in millions of dollars. I’m guessing that with all the extra expense (police overtime of $108k to protect us from…picketing police officers? Are you freaking kidding me?) breaking even is a pipe dream.


Planning, Always Planning

We’re going on a Grand Gathering vacation [editor’s note: At Walt Disney World] this fall with my sister’s family and my parents. I’m beyond excited about the whole thing, as it’s the first time since my honeymoon that I’m actually spending a week down there. Every other time we’ve gone in recent memory it’s been a long weekend or a short week (5 days) and I always feel so rushed. I reach the point where I don’t do some things I want to do because of some other things. And you feel like you’re wasting time if you just take an hour to relax by the pool.

Anyway, the reservations have been made for a while now, and we recently bought the plane tickets. This week’s focus is on deciding if there are any “must visit” restaurants so we can arrange priority seating. With 9 people in the group, I don’t want to leave it for the last minute, even if we are going during a slightly slower time of year.


Have They Lost It?

Just read a news story about the stupid DNC problems, and this one just screams paranoia. I mean seriously, is this all part of the GOP’s secret plan to tick people off so much that they change party affiliations simply because the democratic national convention has turned life around here into a bloody nightmare? Seriously, are they causing this much problem in New York?

The story that set me off? They are changing the operating hours of the Somerville public pools. Are you kidding me? Are you seriously kidding me? Are the terrorists using public pools as headquarters?

What happened to that crap “If we give in to our fears the terrorists have won” that we were hearing over and over again in the early post-9/11 speeches? Suddenly it appears we not only gave in to our fears, but we’ve rolled over in submission to expose our bellies.

I’m thinking that if I lived in Boston, I would never ever never ever want another convention to come to town. Period. This whole thing has become absolutely moronic.


The Cubicle Dance

I changed cubicles over the weekend. Well, I packed up boxes and someone moved them from my perfectly fine old spot, to a new spot further away from daylight but also further away from other people. So it’s got that going for it.


I arrived this morning to find my stuff moved, but no phone or LAN connection and two broken chairs. It’s a drizzly Monday, and they were out of danish in the cafeteria. I know this because I said to myself “Well, maybe some danish will make up for how this morning is going.” 


The oatmeal didn’t quite cut it.


Yard Sailing

We’re having a yard sale and I’ve made about a hundred and fifty bucks. The cool thing is that people bought in quantity, and a lot of the books are gone. One woman just bought every kid’s book we had for $18!


Balls as Big as Church Bells

So I’m typing along, minding my own…hey, what’s this? Why is this font so huge? What on earth is happening here?


Apparently I stumbled into a upgrade over at Blogger. I have a style sheet so I assume everything I’m typing will appear the way it’s supposed to over on the site after I publish.  Anyway…


I was looking at something on a website just now, and that site made the unfortunate decision to allow the Tickle dating people to advertise. I say unfortunate because Tickle is the x10 Camera of summer 2004. They provide you with popups, and not just one, but three! And they want to set a cookie on my system, which I’ll do when I’m dead and buried, thank you very much, so I click the “no, don’t allow cookies now or ever for these people” button. Thanks so much, tickle, for making me take extra steps before I can close your stupid pop-up windows.  So now I try to close the pop-ups, and two of them say, and I can hardly believe this, that I have to enable enable cookies to see their content. What? You want me to take steps with my browser to allow you to spy on me just so I can read your stupid advertising that doesn’t apply to me anyway? Are you crazy? Thus my subject line today.


What kind of advertiser would rather say screw you to a user than show a cookie-free ad? If I was in the dating market, these idiots would be my last choice. DO YOU HEAR ME, TICKLE?


I Shoulda Learned VBA

Once upon a time I was trying to teach myself VBA, because I was responsible for some Word templates that relied heavily on it. I had a reference book and muddled through to the point that while I could look at code and get an idea of what it was going to do (and could thus cut and paste things to reuse them) I couldn’t write scripts from scratch.

Now I’m using Excel today and I *know* I should be able to write a macro that checks all the values in column B, and depending on what it finds there, puts in a date in column C (right next to the value.) So if b17 = 12345, c17 should be 10/10/04. Or something like that. Because I have a 900 line spreadsheet and I need to populate the c column based on what’s in B, and there are only 15 options for what’s in B. So I know WHAT I want the macro to do, I just don’t know how to get it to do it.

I’m going to go look for my VBA book at home tonight, but I don’t know if it was Word-specific or not. It probably doesn’t matter.

So enough about my day, how is yours?


So, Hey, You New Around Here?

I was just looking in the logs, because I like to do that, and the most recent visitor came from the Minneapolis Star Tribune domain. Which is very cool. Freaky, of course, because while that person was reading my site, I was actually on the Star Tribune’s site. No, seriously. Why would I lie about that? I was checking James Lileks’s Backfence to see if it was updated since the last time I was there. After reading the bleat. And wouldn’t it be freaky-cool if while I was reading what he wrote, he was reading what I wrote?

His Bleat today talks about the Electric Company, and the fact that Morgan Freeman was in the cast. Now what amuses me about this is that just last week I was trying to explain my concept for a funny Staples commercial to Mr. Dump, and it involved Morgan Freeman as Easy Reader in the Electric Company, and Mr. Dump thought not enough people would “get it”. Well obviously T.E.C was more universal than he thought, which means my idea was just that much better than Mr. Dump was willing to give me credit. I’ll have to make sure I point this out to him.

And hello Mr. Lileks, if that’s you. Did Mitch tell you I’m a friend of his?


Lunch Thoughts

I got the chicken, broccoli and pasta alfredo for lunch in the cafeteria today. “Now without all that pesky chicken!”

Not a single piece. None. I’d go and complain, but do I really want a cup of chicken? No. I guess I’ll just consider it a vegetarian entree today.



I just created my blogger profile, for whatever reason (oh, okay, go here to view it. I did it because Natalie did hers.) and the form says that since joining up with blogger back in 2001, I’ve written 209,128 words for your people. Do you hear me? Over 200k words! And do I get a thank you card once in a while? No.

And this doesn’t even count up all the words that have bled from my fingers in the years prior to me signing up with blogger. The years when I coded every page by hand in HTML. You know, down and dirty.

Wow, 209,128 words. Plus these. I’m on a roll!