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Indy 499

Yesterday we went to a place in Tewksbury (a place…I don’t know what this kind of place should be called so I’m stuck with “a place”) that had go-carts, batting cages and mini golf with my sister’s family and one of her neighbors and his three kids. So we had 6 kids who were 6 and under, and a 12 year old and a 13 year old.

While it turned out to be a fairly expensive little outing ($5.25 for 8 laps in the big go-carts, $4.00 for 3 minutes in the kiddie one) it was very fun. All the kids had a turn in a vehicle of some kind. Junior could live at a place like this, and he was pretty annoyed with me when I finally cut him off. The amazing one was my 4 year old niece…we were a bit apprehensive as we listened to the woman explain the rules – my sister had an “oh my God, what have we done” face, but that little girl ROCKED! She kicked total go-cart butt, including lapping Junior on their last race! She needed NO help, and no prodding to floor the little car. As we all watched, mouths agape, I could only say “she scares me”. Because she does. She’s just way too good at stuff for her age, way too fearless, and way too cool. I’m not worthy to hang out with such a cool little girl. Good thing she likes me.

Oh, and they even had wiffle ball batting cages, so even the little kids (one girl wasn’t yet 4) had a chance to have the machines wing balls at their heads. They have wiffle (big bat or little bat), softball (slow-med-fast and high pitch), little league (slow-med-fast), and one I assume would be called Babe Ruth or adult or something, (slow-med-fast). Junior even took a turn in the slow little league pitch, because hey, next year he’s going to be in little league, and he hit three of the pitches – which is more than I can say for a couple of the adults!

Photos to follow this evening.