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I Dislike Your Attitude, Google!

I’ve had my own website since 1996, my own domain since at least 1998. I pre-date this newfangled technospeak-blog thingy. Maybe the people who invented the software used my site as a model of “what people might want to do.” Except I know they didn’t, the original model was a site that linked to other sites and contained a few lines of descriptive text. More a portal than a journal. Mine was more a journal in the magazine sense, but it was also diary-like.

ANYHOO… Why is it that when I pull up my site to make sure all is well, that I get blog-specific ads in that little Google space? Is it simply because of the software I use to do the writing? If I wrote up a lovely Review of My Camcorder would it maybe put in some Sony Handycam links? I know I’m not supposed to call attention to those ads because I’ll get in trouble and they won’t let me use them to make, oh, ten cents a week. But this isn’t about that. It’s about how I never see ANYTHING but blog ads over there.

So, to tell you a little more about my Sony Handycam, I went for the midrange mini-dv model, the DCRHC30 and I’ve been very happy with it. I noticed the first reviewer over at Amazon says she doesn’t like the bundled software, and I have to agree with her. One of the packages is cool for making MTV-like music videos, if you don’t mind letting the software choose the clips. But I didn’t buy the camera for the software, so I still give the camera 5 stars.

And that ends this test of the emergency ad generating system.