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We were minding our own business, going to stop by the Walmart plaza to run into the grocery store when we see something very freaky…27 police cruisers (we counted) lining the road up the hill on toute 13 toward Leominster. Talking to one of the hundred or so people standing at the edge of the parking lot, we learn a suicidal man is holding 5 kids (or so) hostage, and 10 minutes before we arrived there’d been 7 shots. Someone was carried out on a stretcher, and within 20 minutes everhting seemed to be over.

Now none of this is verified fact, but was fed to us because someone in the crowd was on a cell phone with somebody who had a scanner. Damn the luck, I’d left my little phone camera on my keychain and my keys were at home.

I ‘m going to go see if there’s anything on the news…