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Here Comes the Sun

Look, I’m not going to complain about one of the three days of the three day weekend being dark and drizzly. I’m not like that. I used some of the day productively, and the rest of it I wasted playing Neopets.

Junior and I cleaned out his bookcase of all the books he’s outgrown and/or doesn’t like. There were quit a few, and no, nothing went into the yard sale box that *I* wanted to keep. Well, actually one went in there that I’ll probably fish out before I bring it to my mom’s house for the yard sale. I think I’ll keep it for my future grandchildren, Casey and Christopher (why yes, my son has already picked out names for my future grandchildren. He’s going to have a boy and a girl.)

Now I have to tackle my bookcases. I have kept many books on the shelves that I just will never read, or read again, and while I want to keep every book I’ve ever bought, I just don’t want the house to collapse under the weight of my bookcase. So I’ve started the discard process. But I’m going to yard sale them, so that’s not throwing them away. That’s recycling. And any that don’t sell, we can donate. I may pack some up to send to an AnySoldier address…