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Have They Lost It?

Just read a news story about the stupid DNC problems, and this one just screams paranoia. I mean seriously, is this all part of the GOP’s secret plan to tick people off so much that they change party affiliations simply because the democratic national convention has turned life around here into a bloody nightmare? Seriously, are they causing this much problem in New York?

The story that set me off? They are changing the operating hours of the Somerville public pools. Are you kidding me? Are you seriously kidding me? Are the terrorists using public pools as headquarters?

What happened to that crap “If we give in to our fears the terrorists have won” that we were hearing over and over again in the early post-9/11 speeches? Suddenly it appears we not only gave in to our fears, but we’ve rolled over in submission to expose our bellies.

I’m thinking that if I lived in Boston, I would never ever never ever want another convention to come to town. Period. This whole thing has become absolutely moronic.