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Cheese Money

“Weekends Were Made for Michelob”

God, when’s the last time you had that jingle in your head? Well it’s there now! And if you aren’t nice to me, I’ll give you a few others. And don’t think I won’t do it!

No strong plans for the weekend. That’s okay, we’re saving our cheese money for Florida. Have I ever explained the concept of cheese money? It’s very simple. Cheese money is the extra money you have available to blow on fun stuff. The concept was invented years ago by myself when I was trying to convince Mr. Dump to take a road trip to Vermont. You know, just for fun. I told him the reason we “needed” to go was because I wanted to go to buy Vermont Cheddar cheese – that I had saved up “cheese money”. Now we use the phrase “cheese money” to refer to budget excess that would allow us to do something fun – go to a museum, go to an amusement park, visit the Vermont Country Store to buy some cheese. You know, cheese money.

I want you all to feel free to go out and use this handy phrase in your everyday lives.