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They Lost…Eventually

Joined up with the Littleton contingent to attend a Lowell Spinners game last night. Great night, fantastic ball park. Eventually the players might get some kind of rhythm that marks them as pro ball players. Okay, that was kind of snarky, and it is a single-A ball club, but there were some plays out there that screamed tee ball. Granted, I couldn’t hit a 89mph pitch (the pitching was excellent, from where I sat) but geeeeeeez, the fielding could use some help.

All the kids had a blast, and the only disappointment was that they made big announcements that at the end of every Sunday game the kids can run the bases. So they all line up at the bottom of the 8th, only to be sent back to their seats because the game went into extra innings. It was getting late, and by late, I mean 9pm on a “school” night. The game had started at 5. We left after the 11th, and told the kids we’d try to come back to another game so they could run the bases. They eventually lost, 4-5 to Aberdeen, the team Cal Ripkin owns.

And must to Mr. Dump’s delight, Junior is now more into baseball than ever.

“It says they are going to play the Yankees.”

“Ya, they play them next. I don’t know if it starts tonight or tomorrow night.”

“Oh, me and daddy are going to be watching that.”

“And you are?”