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Out With The Old, in With The New

Today I met Junior at the elementry school he’ll be attending next fall. They bussed all the kids over from the kindergarten, but there wasn’t room for parents.

I get so emotional over things since becoming a mom. I mean, it’s a tour of the school, and I could feel the sniffles starting with just some things they were saying about moving from the current school to the new school, and showing where he’ll eat lunch, and where he’ll have gym, and I’m looking at the kids going there thinking “but he’s just a baby!” Except he’s not. He’s 6.5, he can play tee ball, he can read (pretty well, I must say), etc. etc. He is ready for first grade, doesn’t want to have to wait all summer to start. Me, I could wait a few more years.

Tomorrow is his last day of kindergarten. Where the hell did the past year go? Didn’t he just have his first day?