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More Neopets

Why yes, I do have something else to say about Neopets.

First of all, why haven’t more of you signed up to play? You realize that if enough of you are sucked in, er, I mean, registered, and actually play a little, I get Neopoints to use to buy things within the little Neoworld for my Scorchio, Bigdumptruck, right? Right.

I’m still struggling with trying to figure out how these people are making money, given that 90% of the on-site advertising is fake. That is, it’s advertising for things on the site. Like “Come and play Game X!” or an ad for a hot dog stand in the game. It’s like what the internet would be in a perfect world – no popups, not in-your-face stuff. Just “play your games and oh by the way, it’s been a half an hour, remember to eat at McDonalds” in a little 1″x.5″ ad. Seriously.