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Moon, Spoon, June

Last day of June. Crap. I experienced some good June activities, but I don’t feel like I took advantage of anything. It was kind of cold for June, maybe I thought it was still April or something.

Tomorrow is July. I guarantee in 31 days I’m going to be freaking out about July being gone. I should make a list of things I want to accomplish in July.

I love working, making money – don’t get me wrong. But when I was unemployed I really experienced spring and parts of summer. The parts where I wasn’t working. I got my current contract in June 2003 and I’ve worked almost every day since then. A day off here and there, but even a lot of holidays I work, because no work = no pay. I would love love love to be able to take a week off and sit around my sister’s pool, go to the beach, hit an amusement park. You know, do summer stuff. Well, maybe next year.