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Looking Sharp

Had Junior’s graduation ceremony at the daycare center today. It was mostly for the kids who did Preschool there, but the kindergarteners were a part of it too. They sang songs and got a diploma – it was all very sweet.

The off to the mall to look for tie sneakers for him. He’s been obsessed all week, so I assume something came up at daycare. We had his graduation lunch at Bertucci’s (any excuse to eat at Bertucci’s, really) and then walked the mall. I spent the rest of my birthday money at Talbots, where they were having their semi-annual sale. Got a kicky pair of pants, a yellow hat and a matching bag. I know it sounds silly, but we are going to Florida in the fall, and I’m trying to stock up for then. I look silly in baseball hats, so finding this one, which can be rolled up, was fantastic. Of course, the hat and bag look great with the pants, so now I want to be a “ladies who lunch”.

I of course followed that up with a pair of pajamas from Target, because once the birthday money was spent, I was back to the Jody budget.

Oh, and we haven’t yet found the right tie sneakers. We’ll go to Payless tomorrow.

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