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Lightning Movie

It was a very lightning weekend for me. I hate lightning, so you have to know it was stressful. Especially when I was driving in it.

Last night we were watching some heat lightning in this big cloud – we couldn’t hear any thunder with it – that eventually starting actually arcing to the ground. Forgive my lack of meteorological terminology.

Anyway, I shot a bunch of movies with my digital camera (NOT my video camera) through the screens. If you download the movie to look at it (just over a 2 meg download in .wmv format) the clouds sort of appear to be undulating. They weren’t doing that, shooting through the screen added the effect. Also, what you are seeing is me editing the best stuff from about 100meg of video into one clip. It was a pretty light show, but not that intensive.

It was 95 and sunny there, and I had a convertible to cruise around in, and I spend two days in my friend’s pool. When my plane landed, it was 59 and rainy here. I’m just so happy to be back.

Oh, here’s my toe. I did this on the edge of the pool.