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Deadly S’mores

Last night at about 9:15 I heard the tell-tale diesel engine sound of a fire engine. In front of my house. This is the kind of sound you want to hear when you call them, and you don’t want to hear when you haven’t. I flew out of the house to see if there were flames shooting from the roof. None. (whew!)

Apparently several people (not me) had called to report the strong smell of smoke, which was VERY obvious when you were outside, and mildly obvious inside. I had noticed it, but was ignoring it. I guess mentally I figured those backyard fireplace thingies are getting so popular that this isn’t a fall/winter smell any longer.

So the fireguys wandered around my property (I have a lot of brush on my property – we only cleared half of our lot when we built the house) and then wandered down the street. Eventually they figured out a house around the corner had a small fire so they could “make s’mores”. Cripes, way to scare the whole damned neighborhood! Can’t you make them on your barbecue? Do you have to build a fire?