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Day Two: More Dodgeball

My son has been introduced to the joy that is dodgeball. Not the Ben Stiller movie, which I have heard is pretty funny, in a BASEketball kind of way. I loved BASEketball, so I’m sure Dodgeball is right up my alley.

No, Junior’s introduction was via the Leominster Rec department’s playground program. We call it “camp” at our house, cause that sounds cool. He seems to like the game – apparently they played it three times yesterday. Here are the rules

1. If it hits you, you are out and you have to get out of line.

2. If you throw it and someone catches it, you’re out and you have to get out of line.

3. If you get hit and you don’t get out of line, you’re cheating.

“So, how did you learn about the cheating one? Did someone forget to get out of line?”

“I thought it only counted if you got hit between here [points to neck] or here [points to belly] and I got hit here.” [points to feet]

“Ah. So next time you’ll know, then.”

“Ya, and one time I thought I got hit in the back so I got out of line but it wasn’t someone on the other team, it was someone on my team. [Laughs]”

“Ahhh, the old Friendly Fire hit. Did they let you stay in line?”


See, now that’s how it should work in real life. If you get hit by Friendly Fire it shouldn’t kill you.

I’m just sayin.