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What I Think Of When I See “88”

When I see “88” I think of the used Olds my dad bought back in the mid-80s. That thing was a tank. I drove it to college (St. Joseph College in West Hartford CT) one time, and I got this “Go ahead, cut me off, I’ll run you over, [bad word]” attitude. I felt invisible, which is probably not a good thing when you’re behind the wheel.

But what I don’t think of is the high temperature for May 11th. Which is what my Yahoo weather is telling me. I think I need to face facts and find some more of my summer clothes. I really need to go shopping, too. Not for a lot, but some basics. I’m still wearing pants that are too baggy on me, and I need some summery stuff. Enough with the heavy dark clothing, right?


3 thoughts on “What I Think Of When I See “88”

  1. The Delta 88? I think everyone had one or had a friends family with one in the 80’s! Ah, the memories..

    this is Amy from Living Reflections by the way. When I click on your comments it asks me to sign into Blogger. I don’t have a Blogger account so I’m anonymous. ???

  2. We’re still waiting to put the sweaters away

    Blogger only knows me as Angela, I’ll have to change my identity there, this is getting complicated. Anji

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