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Month: May, 2004

Cali Ken

I have to believe that my sister was pulling my leg when she told me that my niece, 4 tomorrow, wanted a “Cali Ken” to go with her Cali Barbie. Cali being a series of surfer dude and dudette dolls. I had already purchased a princess bathing suite, princess sandals and a princess summer tote bag (speaking of PINK, as I did yesterday). But I wanted a little something more toy-like to add to this haul. Deb suggested the Cali Ken. Which meant I had to go into a store and buy it. *shiver*

Gah. Nice hair, dude. I also got him two outfits, cause really, maybe he’ll get tired of the mesh tank top and want something a little dressier. Oh, look, little plastic boat shoes!

Well, she loved the bathing suit and sandals, and the 4 books (Junie B. Jones) that weren’t a gift – we were done reading them and I wanted to pass them along. Ken? Well, Ken eagerly awaits being released from his box. Isn’t that just the way?


I Want a Pink iPod

I realize that I don’t need a mini iPod. I just want one because I can get a pink one and I’ve decided my life needs feminizing. I think having pink things will make me look younger. As in, maybe junior high age. I want to Lizzie Maguire my life, you know? But when it came time to add it to my Amazon Wish List I got all “well, it’s not practical to pay 50 dollars less for 9 gig less space just to get a pink one.

So unless someone is going to buy me an iPod (and I know at least one of you out there must have some chump change out there to spend on little old me, right mom and dad?) I guess I’ll just keep carrying around the pink one they had in the cool Apple ad in People Magazine last week. Sure it’s just a little cardboard picture of one, but at least I look cool.


Not a Gardener

Well, I made the first of ? purchases at a garden shop today. I got my 2004 clematis (I allow myself one a year, I’m up to three) which is a Josephine Evijohill. I include this information because it turns out two friends of mine are “collectors” and they actually do want to know information like that. They refer to them by name, as in “My Josephine bloomed early this year.” I will forget what ones I have within minutes of misplacing this little plant tag. But I like that these are so pretty and come up every year. I have a new appreciation for perennials, especially because all the ones I planted last year came back up and gave me no-effort flowers! I mean, sure, you pay more, but if they come up every year, well, what a bargain!

I’m not a green thumb, and I moved some plants last fall that either weren’t perennials, didn’t survive my moving them, and/or got eaten by something. When I finally pulled up the dead stuff, the bulb roots were mushy and rotten and full of little worms. Ick.

Anyway, it’s yucky and wet out, and I guess will be for the next few days, so I may just go out in disposable clothing and get the new stuff planted.


Someone Deserves an Award for This…

Picked up a new [new to me, hadn’t seen them before today] cool toy for the GameBoy.

Holy cow, they have actual episodes of Nick tv shows on GB cartridges. Full color, quality is great, considering. The sound is a bit shaky – I’d compare it with listening to an AM radio, but hot damn, for $20 I got 4 episodes of the Fairly Oddparents on one cartridge that we can use if we ever need a quick source of entertainment for The Boy while we’re out somewhere.

Also have Dora, Spongebob, All Growed Up and Jimmy Neutron, with Sonic X, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coming out this summer. And I’m sure others.

I am SO psyched…this is SO much better than those damned little personal video machines with the black and white proprietary DVD thingies. These play in color on a machine I already have!


Baby It’s Cold Outside

Here’s What Yahoo’s Weather is telling me right now:

More Current Conditions

Feels Like: 45 °

I could have told you that. Man, it’s positively wintery out there! I wanted to go look for some flowers to plant this weekend, but I have to tell you, it’s drizzling and about 47 degrees. YOU go stand around looking at plants. I’ll be here with my sweatshirt and a cup of coffee, thanks.

p.s. Saw Shrek 2 this evening. God, was it fantastic. No spoilers, just go see it. You know you want to.


Pre-game Question

In our league they call off the tee ball games if it’s raining. I’m wondering if that means misting, or a heavy rain. And f there are thunderstorms in the area but not actual rain, do I want my kid standing in a field with an aluminum bat?


Good Customer Service Call

[Update: Okay, so now I didn’t get the item when I was expecting it (this morning) and when I called DHL they basically told me they don’t know exactly where the package is, so I should expect in Monday. Uh, HEY! I PAID EXTRA FOR OVERNIGHT YOU BIG DUMP APES! So now I have to call the company I ordered from when the item arrives so I can get a refund on my shipping. GRR.]

Not that the customer service call yesterday was bad, it was just annoying, mostly because the people on the phone really had no information at their fingertips. Maybe management doesn’t want them to say anything that would imply a commitment to a specific schedule. If I’d been in a crotchety mood, I could have asked to speak to someone higher up, but as it is, the item shipped yesterday.

This morning I called DHL (who now owns Airborn Express, apparently) to ask what their window is for delivery, given that I’m trying to organize someone to be there to sign. The perfectly lovely woman on the phone had all kinds of info at her fingertips, told me that for my zip code they deliver up until 5pm, but that I could leave a note saying I authorize him to leave it, sign the note, and the driver would take that as proof of signature. Oh my goodness, how freeing! If you have to leave the house for 30 minutes, you can! If you can’t be home, well, as long as it isn’t raining, you’re set!

I love good customer service first thing in the morning.


Hello, How May I Annoy You?

I ordered something from a company last night, paying extra for shipping so it will arrive tomorrow, because there will be someone home to sign for it.

The item was listed as usually shipping within 24 hours, and I paid for overnight shipping, so I assumed it would ship today to arrive tomorrow.

Only their order status website just says “on or before the 21st.”

So I got on the phone to explain that

a) if it isn’t going to ship today I need to change the shipping address, and

b) if it isn’t going to ship today, I don’t want to pay extra for overnight shipping.

My goodness, I don’t think what I’m saying is all that hard to comprehend. I was told they’d be happy to change the shipping address for me. “No, I don’t want to change it now, in case it DOES ship today.” I tried to ask if there was a time at which I could assume if it hadn’t gone out, it wouldn’t. You know, the old “order by 3 and we’ll ship it today” thing. That was a hard question. I think I got her to commit to maybe possibly around 6pm.


I’m still hoping it goes out today.


Nice Muscles

Junior made me give his arms a feel the other night. He learned how to do push ups [I have no idea where] a couple of weeks ago, and he wants me to check out his muscles.

“Wow, where did you get those!” I ask, trying to find a bulge on his skinny arms.

Without a trace of irony, or any attempt to be funny, he says “Well, I try to work out” like any trolling-for-females man you’ve ever met.

I tell you, if you’re looking to be amused, you have to get yourself a 6 year old son.


Boo Boo Ice

Mr. Dump thinks he broke his big toe (an incident involving his foot and the stairs. I didn’t see it happen). You know nothing good will come of this, right?