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Not a Gardener

Well, I made the first of ? purchases at a garden shop today. I got my 2004 clematis (I allow myself one a year, I’m up to three) which is a Josephine Evijohill. I include this information because it turns out two friends of mine are “collectors” and they actually do want to know information like that. They refer to them by name, as in “My Josephine bloomed early this year.” I will forget what ones I have within minutes of misplacing this little plant tag. But I like that these are so pretty and come up every year. I have a new appreciation for perennials, especially because all the ones I planted last year came back up and gave me no-effort flowers! I mean, sure, you pay more, but if they come up every year, well, what a bargain!

I’m not a green thumb, and I moved some plants last fall that either weren’t perennials, didn’t survive my moving them, and/or got eaten by something. When I finally pulled up the dead stuff, the bulb roots were mushy and rotten and full of little worms. Ick.

Anyway, it’s yucky and wet out, and I guess will be for the next few days, so I may just go out in disposable clothing and get the new stuff planted.