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Mellow Yellow

I was reading an article last night that talked about the safest color car to own; as in, the colors that are easiest to see and are therefore least likely to be cut off or hit.

The colors? White and yellow.

White as in rental car and yellow as in taxi?

I have never been a fan of white cars, although I know people who love them so I’ll leave them be. But yellow? Do any cars look good in yellow? I mean, a Beetle looks cute in yellow, but that’s because it’s a cute car. If you are in a yellow sedan, truck or van, you look like a taxi, construction vehicle or an employee of a delivery service – including the kind that delivers students.

I’m just not seeing [sic] yellow as a viable option. Yellow car owners, feel free to weigh in. But I’m guessing if there’s a study out there on the % of each color car sold in a year, yellow is in the single digits.


4 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow

  1. Aren’t those big dump trucks with those huge monster tires yellow most of the time? I had a yellow MGB — I will never get another yellow car or another MG.

    And being unsophisticated in the computer arena (I read your entry about the your server-their server thing and you may as well have been talking about tennis), I couldn’t figure out what that Blogger thing wanted me to do. It kept yelling at me with exclamation points in YELLOW triangles. I hate yellow.


  2. I knew that green was the unlucky one. If you had yellow and white stripes you’d certainly be seen.

    How do we read the part of the comment that goes under the sidebar?

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