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It Stinks!

Important stuff first: thank God the Sox won last night. We were about to drape black cloth over the mirrors. Let’s hope they are back on track for at least the next few games.

Next up: My outerwear of choice today is a fleece button-up sweater-like garment. It’s a nice dark raspberry color, reversible with a lighter shade of the same. I thought it would look nice and I could wear it inside, where the temperatures sometimes get cool in the afternoon. Except on the way in I kept thinking that the air vents in the car were letting in the scents of spring. And when I got to my desk I realized…it’s my fleece. It smells like flowers. Not in a perfumey kind of way, but in a pollen kind of way. It smell like those big white lilies they put in bouquets that make me pray to God nobody gets flowers at work. Or paper whites. Some people like the smell of paper whites. I think they are pretty but the smell makes me want to run screaming. So that’s what my clothing smells like. Fantastic. I took it off for now, I can’t risk a headache developing before noon. (That’s what will happen – massive headache.)

Does all fleece smell like flowers?