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I Want a Pink iPod

I realize that I don’t need a mini iPod. I just want one because I can get a pink one and I’ve decided my life needs feminizing. I think having pink things will make me look younger. As in, maybe junior high age. I want to Lizzie Maguire my life, you know? But when it came time to add it to my Amazon Wish List I got all “well, it’s not practical to pay 50 dollars less for 9 gig less space just to get a pink one.

So unless someone is going to buy me an iPod (and I know at least one of you out there must have some chump change out there to spend on little old me, right mom and dad?) I guess I’ll just keep carrying around the pink one they had in the cool Apple ad in People Magazine last week. Sure it’s just a little cardboard picture of one, but at least I look cool.