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Hello, How May I Annoy You?

I ordered something from a company last night, paying extra for shipping so it will arrive tomorrow, because there will be someone home to sign for it.

The item was listed as usually shipping within 24 hours, and I paid for overnight shipping, so I assumed it would ship today to arrive tomorrow.

Only their order status website just says “on or before the 21st.”

So I got on the phone to explain that

a) if it isn’t going to ship today I need to change the shipping address, and

b) if it isn’t going to ship today, I don’t want to pay extra for overnight shipping.

My goodness, I don’t think what I’m saying is all that hard to comprehend. I was told they’d be happy to change the shipping address for me. “No, I don’t want to change it now, in case it DOES ship today.” I tried to ask if there was a time at which I could assume if it hadn’t gone out, it wouldn’t. You know, the old “order by 3 and we’ll ship it today” thing. That was a hard question. I think I got her to commit to maybe possibly around 6pm.


I’m still hoping it goes out today.