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Good Customer Service Call

[Update: Okay, so now I didn’t get the item when I was expecting it (this morning) and when I called DHL they basically told me they don’t know exactly where the package is, so I should expect in Monday. Uh, HEY! I PAID EXTRA FOR OVERNIGHT YOU BIG DUMP APES! So now I have to call the company I ordered from when the item arrives so I can get a refund on my shipping. GRR.]

Not that the customer service call yesterday was bad, it was just annoying, mostly because the people on the phone really had no information at their fingertips. Maybe management doesn’t want them to say anything that would imply a commitment to a specific schedule. If I’d been in a crotchety mood, I could have asked to speak to someone higher up, but as it is, the item shipped yesterday.

This morning I called DHL (who now owns Airborn Express, apparently) to ask what their window is for delivery, given that I’m trying to organize someone to be there to sign. The perfectly lovely woman on the phone had all kinds of info at her fingertips, told me that for my zip code they deliver up until 5pm, but that I could leave a note saying I authorize him to leave it, sign the note, and the driver would take that as proof of signature. Oh my goodness, how freeing! If you have to leave the house for 30 minutes, you can! If you can’t be home, well, as long as it isn’t raining, you’re set!

I love good customer service first thing in the morning.