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Cali Ken

I have to believe that my sister was pulling my leg when she told me that my niece, 4 tomorrow, wanted a “Cali Ken” to go with her Cali Barbie. Cali being a series of surfer dude and dudette dolls. I had already purchased a princess bathing suite, princess sandals and a princess summer tote bag (speaking of PINK, as I did yesterday). But I wanted a little something more toy-like to add to this haul. Deb suggested the Cali Ken. Which meant I had to go into a store and buy it. *shiver*

Gah. Nice hair, dude. I also got him two outfits, cause really, maybe he’ll get tired of the mesh tank top and want something a little dressier. Oh, look, little plastic boat shoes!

Well, she loved the bathing suit and sandals, and the 4 books (Junie B. Jones) that weren’t a gift – we were done reading them and I wanted to pass them along. Ken? Well, Ken eagerly awaits being released from his box. Isn’t that just the way?