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Month: May, 2004


Okay, you can back off, cause I planted everything I bought, okay? Sheesh! See if I invite you over to eat any of our strawberries, assuming the plants actually bear fruit…


Okay, NOW I Shall Plant

Look, if I come back in here and start typing before I’ve actually finished planing, you have my permission to kick my butt and tell me you won’t read a word I’ve written for the rest of the week.

And then I can come back and say “God, you guys are so harsh!”



We took the kids to the drive-in tonight to see Shrek 2 (my step-kids hadn’t seen it yet) and boy, is it COLD out there. Picture a parking lot full of kids sitting in lawn chairs in sleeping bags. The kids, not the lawn chairs.

Packed, this place was. Junior last outside for half the movie, his sister stayed out the whole time. We didn’t stay for the 2nd movie, it’s just too late for Junior. But there’s nothing like the microcosm that is a drive-in movie theater crowd.


It’s Friday, But It Feels Like Monday

Somehow, I forgot to change my Sidekick last night. This thing goes through batteries like my son goes through grapes. And grapes go through him.

So it’s not on today, because even though I thought I’d put it on the car charger during the commute, I unplugged it when I dropped Junior off at his daycare place because I didn’t want to leave it on the seat, and then I forgot to plug it back in. Honestly, how can I be trusted to care for a child when I can’t handle plugging in my phone?


It’s Too Early For This

Where’s my coffee?


Another Plane Crash

Our area has another plane crash, this time on the road beside the airport. According to the Worcester Telegram, a passerby helped get two men out of the plane, both alive at the time.

It gets scarier and scarier all the time to live within a mile of that airport, and I’ve lived within a mile of it my whole life. My parents lived on the take-off path, and I now live on the landing approach. I don’t know which one is worse, given that planes have crashed near their neighborhood, and the big one last year was near mine.


Maybe Thunder Isn’t So Bad After All

Night 4 of thunderstorms in the wee hours of the morning. I’m actually getting used to it – probably because they haven’t been as close to me as they have to some other areas in Mass.

But they pale in comparison to the backup battery in the 1st floor smoke detector getting low, prompting a quick chirp from said appliance every 1-3 minutes last night, starting at about, oh, 3am.

I wasn’t about to stumble downstairs to replace the battery at 3am, given that I’d need to reach it, remove it, then figure out if I had the right kind of battery. The smoke detectors in our house are hard-wired, so it’s not like I risked it not going off. Which would have been the case if I unplugged the damned thing until the sun came up.

So it turns out we did have a 9 volt battery in the collection, and it’s back up on the ceiling being a silent sentry. God, was that ever annoying, though. I am sick and tired of not sleeping through the night – I mean, at least when it happens because the baby doesn’t sleep through the night, you have the side benefit of having a baby. You know?


Tell Me, Would You?

Sheesh, if anyone ever spots something broken here that shouldn’t be (like, say, the archives?) could you just drop a note? Even if it’s a comment to a post, I’ll get it! And then I can fix it!

Thanks Mitch for being brave enough to drop me an e-mail, and in quivering voice, mention that my permalinks were hosed. Your Dunkin Munchkin is in the mail.


Avon Walk Photo

I know some of you sponsored my sister on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, so I thought I’d show you a photo of her, and our best friend, at the end of the two-day 36 mile walk. It was in the 90’s the first day, and raining in the 50s-60s the 2nd. Two weather extremes, neither of them conducive to a 36 mile walk, but walk they did, and apparently in the top 5% of finish times.

Thanks guys!


Thunder In the Distance

I have no right to complain about thunder storms, not with the destruction tornadoes brought over the weekend.

But two days in a row the booming woke me at 4am. Hey, God, I have to work, you know? And Sunday is my day off (sort of like yours). How am I supposed to have a day of “rest” if you wake me up at 4am?

So anyway, here’s a quick shot of the rain on my cafe table. Looks better full sized, but this is a blog and you don’t want to be downloading a 1meg image file, do you?