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I’m not wearing socks today. Or Sox, as I started to type. People who write it that way are probably either from Boston or Chicago, I suspect.

That means it’s summer. I know it isn’t really summer, it’s just the last day of April, but if I go to work without socks, I’m in summer vacation mode, my friend.

The quote I put up last night (keep reading down)? I want that on a t-shirt. I think I’m going to find a picture of Chuckles on the web, put the text over the picture, and print that puppy out. If we were allowed to have screensavers (there’s a corporate one everyone gets) I’d use that image. I wish I had written that…it’s just so…absurd, and so me. It’s great, and if you don’t think so, well, I won’t be able to explain it.